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DELL XPS 13 (2019) Review



The Dell XPS 13 presents a new glowing strong Intel Whiskey Lake processor along with a 4K screen (and disposed the silly “nosecam”) – all in a thin and lightweight frame.

Thin, lightweight model
Solid workability
Stunning 4K screen
Long battery life (on 1080p model)
InfinityEdge bezels with appropriately positioned webcam
The battery life is below average level (on the 4k model)

Editor’s Note: The Dell XPS is presently our best choice for laptop, yet we’re excitedly hanging tight for the most recent model with Intel’s 10th Gen processor which guarantees better execution and longer battery life. Stay updated for the complete report.

Dell simply made the best probable laptop far superior. Stacked up with Intel’s ground-breaking 8th Gen center processor, the XPS 13 (beginning at $899, surveyed at $2,449) is much quicker and more impressive than any other time in recent memory. In addition, Dell at last got relieved from the nosecam.

In any case, the blend of a 4K screen and a power hungry CPU restricts the battery life to just less than 8 hours, which can be an impediment to cellphone experts. Incase you require extra durability, we suggest the 1080p model, which served for over 12 hours on battery testing (a runtime that makes it unsurpassed amongst other college laptops). Furthermore, on the off chance that you need a convertible laptop, consider the forthcoming XPS 13 2-in-1, which is so far the unbeatable 2-in-1 laptop that exists. With respect to the shape, features and execution, the XPS 13 stays unrivaled among its groups.

Dell XPS 13 Price and Configuration Options

We looked into both the 1080p and 4K editions of the XPS 13. The base model XPS 13 I evaluated was launched in January 2019 at the price $899. It consists of Intel Core i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD, an Intel UHD 620 Graphics GPU and a 1920 x 1080 non-contact screen.

I additionally took the $1,599 model of the Dell XPS 13 for a turn. Furthermore, it’s packed with treats, including a 1.8-GHz Intel Core i7-8565U CPU along with 16GB of RAM, a 1TB PCIe SSD, an Intel UHD 620 Graphics GPU and a touch screen of 4K.

In case you’re searching for a 2-in-1 laptop, the new Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (probable launching in July) consists of a 10th Gen Intel Core processor and a larger console keypad than its antecedent in a considerably slimmer outlook.


Rose Gold? That has become so old as last year. 2019 is formally the time of Frost Silver and Arctic White. Dell chose to shake up the things with another shading plan that is similarly as appealing as the past model, if not more. The aluminum anode has a light gray completion that stops barely less of pearlescence, looking as outstanding as frost immediately before it offers path to the rising sun. The logo of Dell sits triumphant in the focal point of the cover as the solitary embellishment.

A look at the edges of the framework uncovers the Arctic White completion that anticipates inside the laptop. The inside deck holds the glass-fiber weave from past models that is at the same time beautiful and vigorous. The unblemished white proceeds toward the screen, laying out the meager outskirts of the InfinityEdge bezel. By following the bezels you’ll find that the webcam has been relocated from the base bezel back to its legitimate spot at the middle top (more on that later).Frost may simply not be your thing. In such case, the newest form of the XPS 13 is accessible in Rose Gold as well.

The 2.7-pound PC is one thin mamma-jamma at 11.9 x 7.8 x 0.3~0.5-inches. The Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (with Touchbar), Razer Blade Stealth and Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 look comparatively chunky at 0.6-inches thick. While the Surface Laptop 2 is of 2.7 pounds, the MacBook Pro (3 pounds) and Stealth (2.9 pounds) are unquestionably more heavy.


The smallest webcam of Dell made ever is found here. Doubtlessly this is Dell’s littlest webcam. Because of the XPS 13’s webcam being disparagingly named the “nosecam” because of its situation in the base bezel, Dell made its own webcam and moved it back where it has a place in the top bezel.Just 0.08-inches is the size of the new cam, yet it figures out well enough to capture quality pictures.


A ton of ports aren’t present in the XPS 13, yet you can do a great deal with them.

The pair of Thunderbolt 3 ports on the left and the UBC Type-C port on the right are capable for charging the notebook and can go about as small DisplayPorts in the event that you need to interface the framework to a bigger screen.

A microSD card on the right is left for growing the memory and the jack of the headset and wedge lock space on the left for hearing music and making your laptop secured.


Oh gracious man, dem bezels! Make that even thinner. Dell keeps on driving the charge on possessing the thinnest possible bezels, on account of its InfinityEdge design. The upper bezel is only a little bit thicker than ordinary to oblige the webcam, however less that you’d truly notice.

You’ll stop thinking about the thicker bezel if you scope out the screen once. It created luxurious color when I viewed the Samsara of 4K feature. I was specially dazzled with the profound blacks, rich golds and dynamic reds during the Balinese artists’ everyday practice. The features are brilliantly fresh, permitting me to watch the deep fissures of the time-worn stone statues.

The sensational flies of color originate from the screen’s capacity to recreate 119% of the sRGB array, which coordinates the MacBook Pro and surpasses the premium laptop average of 117%. Still, the XPS 13’s discretionary FHD (1080p) screen is much progressively clear at 126% similar to the Stealth at 120% while the Surface Laptop 2 hit an unimaginable 176%.

The 4K display of XPS 13 4K is enough bright with an average of 375 nits, surpassing the average 318-nit alongside 346-nit of the Stealth and 321-nits of the Surface. The 1080p non-contact screen accessible on the XPS 13 additionally gets very bright at 375 nits.


The side-terminating speakers of XPS 13 were a wonderful amazement. The laptop figured out how to fill my medium-size lodging with noisy, if at times swarmed, sound. Tuning in to Janelle Monae’s “Can’t Survive Without Your Love,” the room was loaded up with the chanteuse’s yearning vocal. It overwhelmed the remainder of the track considerably in the wake of tinkering with the Waves Maxx Audio software. In any case, tuning in to “Would you be able to Stand the Rain” by New Edition gave a cleaner result as did Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain.”

Keyboard and Touchpad

The XPS 13’s consoling keypad cuts an excellent figure in white, particularly when the backlighting is empowered. But, what’s increasingly noteworthy is the experience of typing. Regardless of having just 1 millimeter of key travel (we by usually search for minimum 1.5mm), I never felt bottoming out while typing. Also, because of the 63 grams of incitation power (60g is our least accepted amount), the other shallow keys had a decent pop.

Yet, I barely fell short of my standard 70 wpm(words per minute) on the test of typing at 10fastfinger, managing just 65 wpm.

The 4.1 x 2.3-inch exactness touchpad is both fast and precise, keeping pace with my site page routing similar to my pinch zoom, scrolling two-finger and swiping three-fingers.


The XPS 13 just got an injection of Whiskey with a chaser of performance. Outfitted with one of Intel’s latest Whiskey Lake chips, explicitly the Core i7-8565U CPU with 16GB of RAM, the laptop allowed me streaming Black Mirror: Bandersnatch from Netflix while likewise opening 25 extra tabs at Google Chrome running a Twitch stream, Tweetdeck or YouTube. The XPS 13 was easy in execution, performing with no trace of slack. In any case,equivalent degree of execution should not be expected on the reviewed base model which accompanies with Core i3-8145U CPU and 4GB of RAM

The laptop stood its ground during our engineered testing, scoring 14,936 on Geekbench 4, which estimates an execution on average. That was sufficient to top the 12,407 premium laptop average similar to the 12,676 posted by the Surface Laptop 2 (Intel Core i5-8250U). Yet, the Razer Blade Stealth, having its own Core i7-8565U, hit 15,878 while the MacBook Pro and its 8th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU conveyed 17,348. An insignificant 6,825 was scored by our base model XPS 13 with a Core i3 CPU.

At the point when an Excel Spreadsheet Macro test was run, the XPS 13 took 70 seconds to combine 65,000 names and addresses, surpassing the 1:31 average category. The Surface Laptop 2 and MacBook Pro weren’t lagging long at 1:15 and 1:16, individually. But the Stealth successfully overwhelmed the oppositions by finishing the assignment in only 21 seconds.

It took 9 seconds for the 4K XPS 13’s 1TB PCIe SSD to duplicate 4.97GB of interactive media records. That means an exchange pace of 565 megabytes for each second, which was all that could possibly be needed to beat the average 529.7-MBps. Shockingly, we can’t say the equivalent regarding the base model XPS 13, whose 128GB SSD transfered the records at a comparatively lazy pace of 154 MBps. Neither the Stealth nor the Surface Laptop 2 with their 512GB PCIe M.2 NVMe SSDs could contact the 4K XPS 13, at 254 and 203 MBps. But, the MacBook and its 256GB SSD was out of the opposition’s group at 2,519 MBps.

in 19 minutes and 20 seconds, the Core i7-prepared XPS 13 transcoded a 4K video to 1080p. It was sufficient to compete with the 21:54 average and the Stealth’s 20:34. But, the Surface Laptop 2 and the MacBook Pro were quicker at 17:30 and 14:47 individually. A restful 20 minutes and 47 seconds were taken by the XPS 13 with a Core i3 CPU.

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As strong as Whiskey Lake, don’t hope to play any graphically saddling games like Battlefield V or Destiny 2 with the XPS 13’s Intel UHD 620 Graphics GPU. However it can play more established or less requesting games. Running at at 1920 x 1080p, the notebook with a Core i7 indented 88 casings every second on the Dirt 3 benchmark. That score beating out the 73-fps normal just as the MacBook Pro (Intel Iris Plus 655) and the Surface Laptop 2 (Intel UHD 620 Graphics GPU), which accomplished 47 and 82 fps. In any case, the Stealth posted 164 fps with its discrete Nvidia GeForce MX 150 GPU. At 55 fps, the Core i3 model of the XPS 13 just beat the MacBook Pro.

Battery Life

Incase you need the most continuance, we would select a full-HD screen on the XPS 13 and avoid the 4K board.

Our 1080p model lasted for 12 hours and 22 minutes whereas the 4K review unit kept going for only 7 hours and 50 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Test (ceaseless web surfing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits). The UHD model fell underneath the  laptop average of 8:30 premium. The Stealth improved to a period of 8:05, while the MacBook Pro and Surface Laptop 2 continued in times of 8:43 and 9:22 individually.


Usually, a laptop as thin as the XPS experiences difficulty to remain cool. To battle this, Dell increased two times the amount of warmth funnels and fans to enhance air intake and exit. The organization likewise included GORE Thermal Insulation, a similar material that is utilized in the Mars Rover. The silica aerogels work to disperse heat all through the framework, keeping things pleasant and comfortable.

The laptop satisfied the expectations in maximum cases. We calculated the laptop’s’s touchpad, focal point of the keypad and undercarriage after playing a subsequent full-screen HD video of 15 minutes. In the three separate zones, the XPS 13 estimated 87, 96 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit respectively. We believe anything more than 95 degrees to be outside of our favored solace limit. In this way, I utilized the XPS 13 in my PC for longer than an hour with no sentiments of uneasiness.

Software and Warranty

Dell preloaded various valuable applications and utilities to help advancing the client experience. For example, there’s Dell Power Manager that permits you to oversee power utilization by means of preset profiles to stretch out battery life or to crush all of the executions out of the framework.

Client Connect places you in contact with a Dell expert when you need assistance regarding troubleshooting. Digital Delivery monitors all your product downloads and reestablishes them if there should arise an occurrence of a framework wipe or crash. There’s additionally Mobile Connect that permits you to swap pictures, reports and recordings consistently between your cell phone and laptop. Likewise, you can get to versatile applications by means of your laptop which includes Lyft, Uber and Instagram.

So as to deal with your internet transfer speed, there’s Killer Control Center. What’s more, in case you’re lacking away, you have opportunity to avail 20GB cloud storage free for a year through Dropbox. Sorrowfully, Microsoft has burdened this thin laptop with a heap of bloatware, including Netflix, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Cooking Fever and Asphalt Street Storm, just to give some examples.

The Dell XPS 13 delivers with a warranty limited to one year. Perceive how Dell charged in our yearly exceptional reports which includes our Tech Support Showdown and Best and Worst Brands.

Bottom Line

The Dell XPS 13 was at that point an extraordinary laptop and Dell has made some approaching upgrades to remain our overall preferred ultraportable. The expansion of Intel Whiskey Lake concretes the XPS 13’s status as a versatile powerhouse. Furthermore, when you’re not doing the math, that vivacious 4K screen is ideal for watching video. We particularly like the itty-bitty webcam by replacing the nosecam for eternity.

While it was possible to enhance the battery life on the 4K screen model, the Dell XPS 13 continues being a top choice.

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