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Savannah Cat – One Of The Best Cat Breeds (2022)

Savannah Cat

To all cat lovers looking for a breed that is extremely pleasant in countenance, friendly and playful, Savannah cat is the name that tops the list. This tall, elegant-looking, sassy diva is found to be a thrill lover and a fan of surprises. It enjoys the keeper’s company and ensures that the keeper also enjoys its company. It is a friendly pet that loves and appreciates good company. Highly playful and energetic, it claims all your love and attention.

If you want one for your family, this article will help you understand its personality and worth.


Savannah cats are not pure breeds. They are a product of a Serval, wild, usually with a pet Siamese. The first generation of this breed opened its eyes in 1986 in Africa. It was named Savannah. This offspring of Serval had its adventurous nature, whereas the homeliness of Siamese too. Physically too, the Savannah cat takes after its paternal family while habits and attitude are of the maternal, Siamese, side.

This tall, lanky fellow stands apart from the other breeds because of its extra-long neck, legs, and big ears. Even a kitten of this breed will appear bigger than the other cats.

The physique of the Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat

Long legs and big stride give a Savannah cat an athletic body. Its gait is quite graceful and composed. Even her skin is so attractive and soft that you would like to keep her in your hands forever. Until today, Savannah is the tallest cat in the fauna kingdom.

If the weight of a male and a female Savannah cat is compared, females tend to be lighter. Males are double the weight of a female cat. These cats are usually found in a white, black, brown, or spotted tabby coat, making them appear beautiful. Maintaining such a lovely and easy coat is a plus for cat keepers.

Apart from their bodies, Savannahs possess eyes to die for. Its eyes are almond-shaped and clear as a crystal. If a Savannah stands gazing at something, it appears fierce and determined to strike, although it is a friendly cat.

Qualities of the Savannah Cat

It would not be wrong to say that Savannah cat is an easy pet. It is friendly with new people, making it easy for the owner to get accustomed to her. It is also a very active pet. The right training can turn your Savannah into a ninja, mind that.

These playful felines are known to be highly intelligent and easily coachable. In many cases, it is observed that Savannah takes quick instruction and follow them nicely. Its keeper will never get tired of telling the tales of how their Savannah tricked them into doing something, which shows that it is a prankster. It has a mischievous nature which shows in each of its actions.

Savannah is very loyal too. It will always accompany the keeper, no matter what. They are messy, too, as sometimes, while playing around, a Savannah will throw down things accidentally.

It is rare to see a Savannah cat resting, as it is always up and about. It can leap high astonishingly. A Savannah loves to hop around from a kitchen cabinet to a window sill.

Hunting Instincts

Savannah Cat

This daring feline gets its hunting instincts from its ancestor, the African wild Serval. Anyone who wishes to keep a pet Savannah must know that with its highly domesticated and pet side, there is a rough, hunter side too. If you plan to keep a Savannah as a pet, you should not keep any rabbits or hamsters at home. You never know when can this domestic kitty turn into a hunter.

Training, however, has proved very helpful in controlling the hunting instincts of a pet Savannah. You can call this Savannah cat a dog actually when it comes to responding to training. These pets love to play with their masters, and that’s the time for the master to train the cat.

Training and Exercise

Athletic and playful, a Savannah always looks for an opportunity to be out on the grounds with their keeper. Your cat will amaze you with her agility, speed, and flexible movement when you are out exercising with it. Like dogs, it loves to play fetch-the-object.

These hybrids love to play in the water, as it is inherited from the Serval side. The cat should be allowed to explore the water area independently, but it should never be left unsupervised. A small kid`s pool is enough for the cat to enjoy its time with water.

Walking the Savannah cat is another thing you should look forward to if you plan to get one. You can put a harness down its neck and walk around the neighborhood. Your cat will cherish this time. Plus, it is a great exercise for the long legs of your feline friend and an excellent way to utilize all that limitless energy.

Are Savannah cats dangerous?

Savannah Cat

This breed is excessively friendly and loyal to its keepers, which makes it very easy for a family to adopt a Savannah cat in their homes. It will choose a favorite human in the house and keep chasing that person everywhere.

These cats love to talk. It is rare to find it quiet as it keeps making different sounds to gather the household’s attention. These cats are brimming with energy, so they are well suited for a family who can take out time to be with the cat. These feline buddies do not appreciate living with busy families. They demand time and attention as they shower theirs on the keepers.

An ideal Savannah cat master duo can be seen communicating with each other.

Dietary habits

Like any other domestic pet cat, the Savannah cat’s diet also has a simplistic requirement. There are a lot of comments on this topic by many cat experts. Some feel that the animal should be given many taurine supplements, whereas others believe that raw or cooked meat and a combination of dry and wet food work the best. The right way to figure this out is to observe what food your cat reacts to the most. Once you have identified it, carry that on but keep a tab on your buddy’s health.

The water for the cat should always be fresh and clean. Its water dish will be messy soon as it loves to play with it, but you need to ensure that it drinks from a fresh dish.


These cats can be the best pets if you want a companion. All the relationship needs are love, care, and attention. As these are hybrids, these buddies have longer lives than pure breeds. Not much is known about complications in their health conditions, so if you spot your energetic and talkative Savannah cat suddenly feeling low, do not wait a minute. Take them to a vet and get them treated.

Make sure you trim the nails, clean the coat and brush it, and ensure good dental care for these pets. With all these hygiene measures, your cat will remain healthier and less prone to feline ailments.

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