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Top 10 Cute Cats Breeds (2022 Trend)


Are you looking for a cute feline companion to be your pet? Are you an unconditional cute cats lover? 

If you are looking for a cute kitty friend, searching for the best cat breed for you and your family is natural. This article brings out the best and cutest cat breeds of 2022. 

Make your choice wisely. Listen to your heart. 

1. The American Bobtail

Cute Cats
Tortoiseshell cat staring.

This breed is a medium to a large-sized cat with a natural bobtail- the reason for its cute name. The appearance of this feline buddy is athletic and strong as it is muscular and loves to keep those muscles toned. Looking at the bobtail, one can easily think that it is a wild creature, although it is known for its friendliness and domesticated demeanor. 

These cute cats are very playful and energetic. It loves the company of a master who can take it on a stroll every day, so choose to buy a bobtail only when you can give it the right amount of time and attention. 

If you have other pets in the house, bobtails are supposed to get along with them easily. They do not fight or mess around with the space and food of other pets. Even if it is introduced to a pet dog properly and gradually, it will get along with it exceptionally. This breed is known to be an attention seeker as it always wishes to be around people. 

Because of its large size, it can gain weight easily, which is why the master needs to take care of its dietary habits. 

2. The Birman

Cute Cats

This cute Burmese kitty has captured the heart of half the world with its attractive appearance marked with deep blue eyes and peculiar markings on the body. Being an ancient breed, this pet cat is a wonderful keep for people of all ages. It is an easy-going creature whose soft fur is the best in the world. 

Being bigger, it is easy for this cat to become obese quickly, so taking care of the cat’s diet is very important. Daily exercise and strolls can also help keep their weight under control. 

The Birmans are found in exotic colors, making them very beautiful. Its facial features stand out from the other cats because of its albinism. These cute cats are super friendly, although its face gives off a cruel look. These pets mingle with other pets easily and adapt to new situations, be it a new house or new master.

These cute cats are always on the lookout for some playtime with their master. If you choose to get a Birman, make sure you spend some time with the kitty.

3. The Maine Coon

Cute Cats

This hairy buddy comes from the United States. It is one of the largest domesticated breeds in the world. The body of this cat is impressively large. It looks like a daunting creature when it stands on its front limbs. Overall, it is a friendly creature. 

These cute cats have pointed ears, larger than the other breeds, which shows the alertness of the kitty. These pets have long tails. You will see these cute cats wrapped in their tails as it provides an extra degree of insulation from harsh weather. 

The Maine Coon can also gain weight pretty easily, so the master should take care of its diet and maintain a daily exercise routine for this big buddy. 

You will be amazed to know that the coat of a Maine Coon is waterproof. Imagine how nice it would be to have a cat in the house who dips in the water but does not leave any mess around. These feline creatures are friendly and popular as a Maine Coon starred in the Harry Potter Series.

The Maine Coon is the best cat breed if you are a first-time cat owner. They never throw any tantrums and are very easy to handle. These cute cats also do well with people who stay busy outdoors as they can be left alone the whole day. Make sure you leave her with a food-filled tray and water when you do that. 

4. The Abyssinian

If you are looking for an active cat with a moderate size, Abyssinian is the breed you need to buy. These cute cats are energetic and friendly. In a family, these pets make their room very easy. 

The peculiarly large ears of this pet give it a curious and cute look.

Its eyes are large, which is one of the reasons that this cat is more alert than any other breed you will come across. The best part about keeping an Abyssinian is its coat’s maintenance and hygiene, as it has a short hair coat on its body more than any other cat. 

These cute cats have an easy personality. You leave the cat with its toys for hours, and it will not bother you. When these pets are with family, they tend to be fun-loving and playful. The whole point is that these cute cats do not cling to the master all the time and seek attention. Rather, they will enjoy their me-time with toys and food. 

When taken outside and meeting new people, an Abyssinian is adaptable and affectionate. It will show affection for its master in front of many people. That’s one unique way an Abyssinian have to claim its love. 

5. The Munchkin

Cute Cats

If you want to get a cute cat and are tired of looking at those massive bodies and long limbs, Munchkin can be the right cat for you. These cute cats are short-limbed. 

The size of its legs does not affect its activity and energy. You show a small, shiny object to a Munchkin, and it will snatch it from your hands. Their love for shiny, glossy objects goes a long way. 

These cute cats are very extroverted. They love going out; your Munchkin will follow you even if it is a short trip to the neighbor’s house. Munchkins are easily pleased with their favorite food or shiny object, which makes this breed easier to train. 

If you are looking for a companion to stay with you all the time, Munchkin is the cat to get. Owners of Munchkin usually talk about how it follows them through the house. 

They are great pets if you wish to introduce them to other pets in the house. Naughty and fun-loving Munchkins easily adjust to a new family, whether pets or humans. These kitties also accept challenges easily, so if a friend of yours is bringing their long-limbed cat over, then your Munchkin will always be ready to wrestle with it, no matter the size. 

Their coats are less dense, which makes them easy to maintain, so there are no worries of cat hair sprawled everywhere in the house. 

6. The Persian Cat

How can we miss the name of the famous Persian cat when we enlist cute cat breeds? After all, it is easily recognized by its lush fur and flat face. The cat derives its name from the Persian or Iranian deserts from where it originates. 

Its full cheeks give it a rather chubby and cute appearance. Its rich coat comes in many colors giving the buyers a variety. The shades of its eye color are also peculiar such as hazel, copper, green and blue. 

This cat can be a very gentle and sweet pet, making it an easy-going choice for people of all ages. These cute cats live a healthy life if they are gently handled. A Persian cat will not be a good choice if you have loud and rough kids, as it gets along nicely with respectful and soft kids. 

Persian cats love to sprawl around in the sun. If your house has a deck or a lawn, your Persian pet will enjoy it. The best part of bringing these cute cats up is that they do not cling to their masters all the time. It can be left alone in the house for a few hours too.  

These cute cats also do not need much exercise. A simple stroll thrice a week would suffice its physical fitness needs. The only thing that would demand much attention is the grooming of its rich, velvety coat. 

7. The Ragdoll Cat

Cute Cats

The ragdoll is the best for you if you have a loud household because of its calm and incredibly patient nature. This massive kitty loves to play around and cuddle with family members. 

It is the best breed for a family pet, as it can easily get along with children. These kitties are social, too, so taking them over to a family get-together will be a fun experience. It mingles with the other pets in the household easily and does not trouble them.  

The coat of a ragdoll is silky smooth and hairy, which requires much grooming. The cat will love you when you brush its coat. This breed does not shed much hair, which is a plus. 

They will meow cooingly when picked up and cuddled. These cute cats return the affection by licking the master’s hands. Their demand for human attention is easily satisfied when the master is busy. These feline friends will not ask for too much time, which makes them the tamest and the best choice for a pet.

8. The Russian Blue

Cute Cats

One look at the Russian Blue Cat, and you might lose your heart to it. These cute cats have a beautiful greyish blue coat, thick, and have lesser hair than the other breeds. This cat is widely known for its emotional intelligence and sensitivity. 

If you choose to buy a Russian blue, you will not be getting an animal that throws tantrums when not looked after or starts sulking. This companion of yours can prove to be very kind and understanding. 

These cute cats are known for their loyalty. They will follow the instructions given by the master religiously if properly trained. The Russian Blues make not just great pets but also sensible ones as they are cautious and take care of their health to some extent. You will see what I mean when you get one for your family.

These cute cats are also known to be the best choice for those who are allergic to pets, as the capability of their body to produce allergy-producing proteins is much lesser than the other breeds.  

9. The Siamese

Cute Cats

These cute cats are well-known and most common of all the other breeds. Siamese is an Asian cat breed known to be a social, loving, friendly, and loyal pet. It is also a very bright pet. 

A tall, lanky frame highlights the appearance of the Siamese. Its limbs are longer than the body. The piercing blue eye color of the Siamese is very beautiful. 

The Siamese must be your choice if you wish to have a companion. It easily trusts its master. Your Siamese will thrive and show the best of attitudes if it receives love and affection from the family. The cat will not demand it upfront like the other breeds, but its feeding habits and a decrease in the level of playfulness will tell you that the cat is looking to spend time with you. 

Siamese can become super clingy too. 

10. The Turkish Angora

Cute Cats

An ancient breed originating from Turkey, known for its beautiful white fur, this breed is more intelligent and sensitive than the other ones. One look at the Angora, and you will be intimidated by its firm stare. 

It is not a common breed. Widely known for its sophisticated way of doing things, this cat may cost you a fortune. It is easy to train an Angora cat, as they are quick learners.

The volume and richness of its fur require much grooming. Brushing an Angora’s fur is one of the best ways to make it fall in love with its master. It is a grateful pet and will love its master for all the care and love it provides. 

Cute Cats – Summary

Knowing about a cat’s personality traits and requirements can greatly help a cat buyer. Make sure you choose the right breed per your work commitments and home environment. 

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